• Onegene Biotechnology is pioneering multi-target therapeutics to create breakthrough medicines that will transform the lives of people with complex and chronic diseases.
    Onegene’s proprietary platform, UniStac®, allows rapid expansion of promising combinations of the targets into a single multi-target molecule with enzyme-mediated protein-protein conjugation technology while removing time-consuming heterodimerization engineering process.

  • Pain point Multi-target drugs have raised huge interest in recent years due to their advantages in the treatment of complex diseases and health conditions linked to drug resistance issues. Producing bi-specific antibody drug requires combining of two different mono-specific antibodies into one. During the production, heterodimerization is a key engineering step to find the bi-specific molecule we designed. Although several platform technologies can overcome this challenge, heterodimerization complexity in designing tri-, or tetra-specific molecule is even more difficult.

  • How platform overcome challenges Enzyme-mediated protein-protein conjugation technology can offset these challenges. Unlike other conjugational technology, our platform produces 3-way branched structure instead of a head-to-tail structure from conventional DNA-level fusion. And this branched shape gives Y-shaped molecule that looks similar to the antibody. Moreover, all ligands harbors free ends which minimizes steric hinderance between target molecules that can overcome limitations of conventional bi-specific antibodies.