• Onegene Biotechnology announced $33.5 million series B financing completed



  • Onegene Biotechnology announces $33.5 million series B financing completed

    Onegene Biotechnology is pioneering multi-target therapeutics to create breakthrough medicines that will transform the lives of people with complex and chronic diseases.
    Onegene's platform can generate highly potent tri- or tetra-specific protein-based drugs using different therapeutic modalities. With unprecedented design flexibility and optimal physical properties, Onegene Biotechnology is opening a new design space for multi-specific protein drugs.

    Onegene Biotechnology announced the completion of its 33.5 million USD (40 billion KRW) Series B Fundraising as of 16th May 2022.
    Participants in the Series B were Medici Investment, UTC Investment, SV Investment, Shinhan Venture Investment,  Premier Partners, Solidus Investment, Stic Ventures, BNH Investment, Timefolio Asset Management,  Quantum Ventures  Korea, Dev Sisters Ventures, and Korea Investment