Who We Are

Onegene Biotechnology is a biological drug development company, which is specialized in multi-target therapeutics, treating complex and chronic diseases. We have established protein-binding platform technology (named as UniStac) optimizing for multi-target therapeutic development and suggested new directions for findings and development of metabolic diseases, cancer immunotherapy, ant-inflammatory therapeutics, etc. Furthermore, our goal is to provide a better life for people with chronic diseases with our multi-target innovative new drug pipelines.

Liver Fibrosis Microenvironment

Microenvironment-targeting Drug, dedicated platform and NASH & beyond

Multiple mechanisms are involved in the onset and progression of NASH and fibrosis. Proinflammatory cytokines and free fatty acid interact with a hepatic microenvironment composed of Kupffer cells, T cells, antigen-presenting cells, and hepatic stellate cells. Such interactions lead to pro- inflammatory and pro-fibrotic microenvironments for NASH, fibrosis and cirrhosis progression. This complex nature of the NASH pathogenesis raised a question on whether single targeted treatment would be effective enough.  

Onegene's approach is simple. We develop a microenvironment-targeting drug that can modulate many targets synergistically. In this light, Onegene developed a dedicated platform for protein drugs harboring more than three ligands. 

Our goal is to open new therapeutic opportunities for people who suffered from NASH, organ fibrosis and cancers.